Monday, May 24, 2010

Portuguese Water Dog ACEO

Today I've finally gotten my paints out after quite a long dry spell.  May's been a rough month, but I don't want it to totally slip away without creating at least a few new paintings.
So, after my snowy Leonberger, Bently, I've decided to take a more summery approach.

This is Bently's Snow Day - available on eBay, auction ends May 28th 

What goes better with a beach than a water dog..?  Not much to my way of thinking.  There are so many water loving dogs to choose from, but since I've had several requests for a Portuguese water dog, I've decided to give one a try.

I'm feeling  silly today, so this one's going to be a bit whimsical.  Here is the initial sketch:

We need a nice, colorful background since the dog will be black and white - but not too busy, it's a very small painting, only 2.5"x3.5"  I will use at least two colors in each area so it pops, plus sprinkle a little salt in the sand to add a textured look.

Here I'm filling in some of the dogs fur - I'll go back and add some highlights if necessary later.

Final details are filling in, looking good!  Here is the finished painting:

This painting is available on eBay,  Auction ends May 31st around 3pm est.