Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pudgie time!

I'm working on a new batch of Pudgies. My son is hooked on the movie Up, so I decided it was time for my little Pudgies to have some balloons of their own.
Here's how they look when I first start sculpting...

Adding some details, trying out some balloons...
Five little Pudgies almost complete:  2 Saints, a Newf, Sheltie, and a Husky.  Now on to the balloons - and figuring out the best way to connect the two and still have the little guy stand up straight!


Going in the oven!!

All baked and ready for paint

Painting! They start to come to life and only get more brilliant with each and every brush stroke.

Dogs are all painted. Just a little touch up on the finer details then choosing the colors for the balloons!