Monday, February 22, 2010

Best Friends Saint Frame

Start to finish, this is how I created my newest hand painted frame... I hope you like it!

I started with an overall background color, sketch and some white areas.

Blocking in the shapes of both saints.

Adding shading and detail to both dogs

Filling in background areas and finishing details on the saints

After some lettering and flowers, the finished frame!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Newf Birthday Painting

It's a CELEBRATION!  Hang the streamers and balloons, bake a cake, bring out the party hats - this Newf is having a Birthday!

Here is a glimps of how my "Happy Birthday To You" Newf painting was created in several stages.  I hope you enjoy this post :)

 The beginning - choosing the background colors and sketching.

Here the dogs are being roughed in - few details at this point, just concentrating on blocking in shapes.

Here the finer details are filling in.

Finished painting!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Frames & Favs

I really enjoyed the saint and newf frames that sold on eBay last week.  So much so, that I ran out and bought five more blank frames to paint this week!
The question is, what to paint on them...?

I am taking a poll... choose your favorite breed and the one with the most votes will be next!

Work In Progress

I've had several requests for birthday paintings over the years and I've done a sheltie and norwegian elkhound... Now it's finally time for a saint!

It took me some time to come up with a fun birthday scene in my mind, but I finally found one that I like and I think you will enjoy.  Of course, we have to have all of the birthday fixings - cake, noise makers and those silly hats! - the birthday boy and his festive friends too.

I will update the photos as I work on this painting.
I hope you enjoy seeing it take shape!

And then there were two!
I still have more detail to add, but now Mr. Birthday boy has a singing companion - and more importantly - a cake!

All done, here are the three festive birthday saints, ready to be printed on a birthday card for you!

This painting will be listed on eBay February 12th through the 19th.
Here is a link to the auction: Happy Birthday To You saint bernard painting