Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Painting Clooney...

I always start with a freehand sketch.  I learned at an early age how disappointing a traced image can be :)  (no chicken comments - DAD!)
This is my impression of the Clooney photo after all, the little imperfections are what make it mine.

Filling in the background is one of my favorite parts.  It sets the mood for the whole painting - in more ways than one!  If it goes smoothly the painting usually goes smoothly.  It also helps me choose if this will be a playful painting or more realistic.

Time to fill in some fur!  The dog takes shape quickly, fast brush strokes work best for me when creating a furry look.  No concern for details at this stage, I'll take my time with those later...

And here is the finished Clooney painting!
The fine details are in; eyes, nose, mouth, highlights.
Thanks to Renee for lending me her puppy photos for this painting.

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